What To Know About Lined Butterfly Valve And Knife Gate Valve?

 lined butterfly valve

Valves have always been a tool in many industries for various types of applications. We have seen them being used in industries like oil and gas, food and beverages, manufacturing and many more.

Valves like lined butterfly valve and knife gate valve have been in the use of these industries for a very long time and they are still in use for a number of reasons. The thing is these valves have many things that people still don’t know about so let us tell you bit about these valves on what you should know before you go off choosing one.

These valves have been known to control all sorts of flow depending on the substance that passes through them. When you are choosing these types of valves then it is necessary that you check the build of those valves as they come in many forms.

Let us look at some build qualities that you may find.

  1. Carbon steel is one of those materials which is readily available and also very cheap to own, however the reason for it to be cheap is due to the build quality that it has which means no corrosive substance can be used or let’s say that it can’t handle applications that are corrosive.
  2. With better protection and better build quality stainless steel is something that you can look for. This is something that you can go for if you have the use of corrosive applications.
  3. If you are looking for something that is light weight yet very strong against any type of material well we would suggest that you feast your eyes on titanium. This material is the lightest and toughest of all and can handle some abuse.
  4. If your use is of something very specific that has temperature variations of low and high well then you need something versatile such as nickel. This material is something that can contain high and powerful pressure no matter the temperature variations.

As you can see that these valves come in various build qualities and here were some qualities that you can choose from for your various needs.

You will also need to know some advantages when you go on choosing these valves such as

  • They are compact and don’t weigh much.
  • Their installation is very simple.
  • The loss of pressure is very minimum.
  • Their maintenance is also very simple.

With these advantages no wonder these valves are still so popular, however with good things there are some disadvantages included such as

  • Sometimes the disc can be a hindrance in a flow.
  • Differential pressure that are high is something to note here. For more information visit our website: www.hpvpl.com