Are You Looking For A Life Coach?

First, establish and create coach selection criteria in real-time. For example, how do you choose a candidate if you find 10 coaches on the website you want? How would you decide which of the 10 people to contact? And how do you know who should choose after contacting 5 on the candidate list and speaking? Depending on the criteria you choose, several criteria are required. Here it is:

 Location and surroundings.

 Where would you like to work with your cert IV small business management? In public places like cafes or hotel lobbies? Where do you want the bus to go? What is the longest distance if you are willing to travel to the coach’s house or a mutually agreed public place?

 Time limit

 How important is the flexibility of the coach over time? Some coaches have strict hours. After a certain period, the phone turns off and the work is packed at a specific time the next morning. That is all

Do you want a night training session? Even on Friday or Saturday nights (for example, when the rest of the family is in town)? Then contact your potential best accredited life coaching certificate. Do you want training sessions on weekends instead of weekdays? If so, ask your coach if there’s a workout scent over the weekend! Not all coaches! Or do you want to work with your coach on time, regardless of the day or time? If you have a lot of busy schedules or itineraries, Life Coach is better. It’s only because you have the right to choose the right session, not the session. 

 Do you want a coach that works regardless of time? It doesn’t matter that the coach runs at 3 pm, regardless of the schedule. After 17 hours in New Zealand, the New Zealand life coach wants to live in Toronto, but he wants to join a training session! The coach prepares at 3 pm. 

 How can I benefit?

 Skill and training style

 What skills or experience do life coaches want? NLP, Hypnosis, CBT, Ontology? Only you know the answer. If you don’t know the answer, find it before looking for a life coach!

Do you want a life coach with more biases than other disciplines like the performance coach, the health coach or the marriage coach?

Which training style responds to best? Is it direct and realistic? 

 How would you like to conduct the training session?


Or don’t you mind phone training?

Or through Skype call?

Or do you use these two together depending on the feeling of each session?

 Do you prefer your life coach over men or women?

 And finally the price range. This training is not included in the Local Health Insurance Plan [Canada], the UK National Health Service or other national financing contracts in other countries, so it must be paid in your pocket. So, set a budget and find a rate life coach within your budget.