A Brief Guide To The Keratin Hair Treatment

Today the beauty of the hair of many women is the result of the keratin hair treatment and your may would not believe but the secret of the Meghan Markle shining and beautiful hair is also the keratin hair treatment. Although this may not be as easy to get as you think. For getting good and high quality results you need to have the keratin hair treatment from the best hairdresser and you must know certain things about it such as how will it cost and will it last for months or not and above all what does it actually do to your hair. Some of this information is provided in this article.  

Definition of the keratin hair treatment: 

This kind of the treatment aims to make the hair shinier, free from frizz, moisturize the hair and somewhat reduce the waves and curls of the hair. The average period of this treatment is around 6 months but it could vary from person to person and to hair to hair plus it also depends on how you care about your hair. Although there are many products and kind of the formulas which can be used and sometimes some best hair salon in Sydney makes a blend of these products to give the best results.  

What is the procedure for this treatment? 

Although the keratin hair treatment only takes one appointment and the treatment is done in this. The time in hours however is dependent on the type of the formulas that the hair dressers use and it depends on your hair texture as well. If you have more frizzy and dry hair then it could take a little more time. Although the minimum amount of time ranges from 2 to 4 hours. The first thing that the hairdresser will do is wash your hair, in some cases the hairdresser skips the washing part if you have just washed your hair and jump to the straightening of the tape hair extensions salons in Sydney. The straightening of the hair is done to reduce the frizz and then the formulas is applied on the hair. Sometimes the formula is applied on the wet hair after the wash instead of blow drying and straightening it before and then this formula is left to set for about half and hour. After this the hairs are washed again and another formula is applied which is also left for hour. Then after the final wash the hair are straightened again using the flat iron and the heat is usually kept on medium for sealing the chemicals.  Although the hair dresser then ask you to not wash your hair for at least 3 days because this will give time to chemicals to lock itself in to the hair. 


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